A New Era In Hollywood

"Historically, story combined with imagery moves humanity forward...it is the ultimate forum for changing people’s hearts and minds." - Will Smith [tweet this]
Hollywood is fragmented and exclusive. It’s a $88B and growing industry, but each year, thousands of amazing projects go virtually unseen while countless scripts languish in “development hell.” Without proper funding, development, and distribution, most viable films don’t reach their potential or their audience – let alone profitability. [tweet this]
Furthermore, the films that do get made fail to reflect the diversity of the people who consume them. Just 17% of acting parts - including extras - go to women, yet women are not only a majority of the population, but also drive moviegoing decisions [tweet this].* According to the ACLU, "women represent only 7% of directors, 11% writers, and 18% of editors on the most successful films from the last 17 years [tweet this]." ** Just 4% of studio films are directed by women even though women graduate from film school in equal rates [tweet this]. There is ample qualified talent - so no kicking the can and blaming the pipeline here.*** There are ZERO female studio heads. Likewise, there are disparities with minorities in front of and behind the camera, despite case studies showing the profitability of culturally inclusive filmmaking. This comes as no surprise given the demographics of decision-makers and gatekeepers: STUDIO FILM EXECUTIVES
  • CEO / Chair - 100% male, 97% Caucasian [tweet this]

  • Sr. Management - 83% Male, 92% Caucasian

  • Unit heads - 61% Male, 96% Caucasian [tweet this]

Director's Guild of America figures 2013-2014 to 2012-2013:
  • Directed by Caucasian males decreased from 72% to 69%;

  • Directed by minority males increased from 14% to 17%; [tweet this]

  • Directed by Caucasian females remained static at 12%; and

  • Directed by minority females remained static at 2% [tweet this]

Why does this matter? Because people behind the scenes influence the way stories are told. Portrayals in film and entertainment shape our perceptions and how we relate to one another [tweet this]. The ongoing lack of diversity in Hollywood fosters distrust and division, perpetuating conflict instead creating cultural understanding. Inclusion is NOT a zero-sum-game. The percentages can shift while increasing opportunities for all [tweet this]. It's time to stop the blame game and fix the broken systems. By doing so, we can focus on making great films that reflect and inspire the world we live in and the worlds we imagine. CINESHARES takes an innovative approach to solving these problems. We’re using technology to reinvent Hollywood, connecting audiences, filmmakers and investors from script-to-screen. Instead of an elite group of tastemakers choosing which films get made, we invite you to join us in democratizing Hollywood and modernizing how movies go to market [tweet this].
Join our Thunderclap Campaign to send a message about #InclusionInHollywood. #CNSH #ShareWithUs! [tweet this]
SOURCES: * Motion Picture Association of America ** ACLU asks civil rights agencies to investigate Hollywood gender discrimination *** 2015 Hollywood Diversity Report, UCLA Ralphe Bunche Center

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